Wheat Spray Malt DME - 1lb

Plain Wheat Spray Malt DME - 1lb

  • $10.49

Brewing wheat beers is easy when you have Muntons Spraymalt Plain Wheat DME.

Thanks to the proprietary production process, this dry malt extract comes in the form of a very fine dry powder that is much easier to work with than traditional dry and liquid malt extracts.

You can also use it as priming sugar when bottling the beer or making yeast starters when aiming for a precise pitching rate. Either way, this extract is an excellent ingredient you’ll surely find helpful when having it in your inventory.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond ° 3.9 (EBC° 9 )

Description: Muntons Plain Wheat Spraymalt Extract is made from high quality barley and wheat malt that is properly mashed and sparged, before the wort is dehydrated to an extreme degree.

The resulting powder is very easy to store and can be used whenever you need rich and flavourful wheat wort.

Depending on the amounts used and other ingredients employed, this extract will deliver excellent Hefeweizen, Hopfenweizen, Weizenbock, American Wheat, or any other beer that will benefit from the distinct flavour of wheat malt.

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