Extra Light Spray Malt DME - 1lb

Extra Light Spraymalt DME - 1lb

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With Muntons Extra Light Spraymalt Extract, you will be able to perform a variety of tasks during your brewday and get excellent beers in the end.

When used on its own, this dry malt extract lends a very light wort with a nice, neutral malty character that will serve as a backbone for a broad range of styles, from American Lager to IPA.

With crystal and roasted malts added as a partial mash, the range of styles becomes even more impressive, as you will be able to brew anything from a Bock to Imperial Stout.

Or add it to an all-grain recipe to get a fuller body, better head retention, and, of course, higher gravity. It’s all up to you.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond ° 3.2 (EBC° 7 )

Description: Muntons Extra Light Spraymalt Extract utilizes a special production method that results in a very fine dry powder that doesn’t have the residual moisture of most dry malt extracts.

This makes the extract simpler to work with during the brewday, and also suitable for making yeast starters or priming beer when bottling. Made from high quality Muntons base malt, this extract is the perfect ingredient for virtually any type of beer that comes to mind.

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