"Mini-Keg" Basic Growler Dispensing Kit

  • $72.99

The Basic Dispensing Kit is designed to enhance the convenience of portable dispensing with "mini-keg" growlers. (Co2 Cartridge Not Included) This kit consists of a Basic "Mini-Keg" Lid, a Picnic Tap, and a Co2 Regulator.

With this kit, you can easily and affordably maintain the carbonation of your beverages, ensuring they are always ready to be served for weeks.

The picnic tap enables Mini-Kegs to dispense from their side, allowing for effortless pouring.

This kit comes with a regulated Co2 charger that is constructed from durable and long-lasting machined anodised aluminium. The charger incorporates a 30 PSI regulator, providing you with the ability to adjust your desired pressure.

In addition, the kit includes a Basic "Mini-Keg" Lid made of plastic. The lid's threading allows for the attachment of a regulated Co2 charger, and it features a 1/4" OD barb that can be used in conjunction with the Picnic Tap.

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