Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector

Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector

  • $224.99

When you install this Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector you will be able to detect any leaks fast and easy -  especially if you are dispensing from 2 kegs.

How the In-Line Leak Detector works:

  • The unit contains two separate chambers, each with a small plastic float ball.
  • When gas is flowing through the chamber the floats are lifted up.
  • The larger the gas flow the higher the floats will lift up inside their chambers.
  • If no beer or other beverage is being poured then the floats will sit at the bottom of the chambers.
  • If they are floating when no beer is being poured then you have a leak and should immediately fix the issue.

For additional information, please refer to the Micro Matic user guide.


  • Length - 6"
  • Width - 2-1/2"
  • Hose Barb 1/4" I.D.
  • Hose Barb 3/8" O.D.

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