Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector

Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector

  • $299.99

Introducing the Micro Matic Double In-Line Leak Detector, designed to swiftly and effortlessly detect leaks during the dispensing process, particularly when utilizing 2 kegs.

Functionality of the In-Line Leak Detector:

  • Equipped with two separate chambers, each featuring a small plastic float ball.
  • As gas flows through the chambers, the floats ascend.
  • The magnitude of the gas flow determines the height at which the floats rise within their respective chambers.
  • In the absence of beer or other beverages being dispensed, the floats rest at the bottom of the chambers.
  • If the floats are elevated while no beverage is being dispensed, it signals a leak, necessitating immediate resolution.


  • Easily determine if you have a CO2 or gas leak
  • 3/8" OD Hose Barb connections
  • Ideal when dispensing from multiple kegs
  • Excellent for ensuring a safe brewing environment
  • Comes with required mounting hardware as well as labels
  • 6" Long by 2 1/2" Wide

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