Caramel Malt (Crystal) 20L - Briess

Caramel Malt (Crystal) 20L - Crushed - Briess - 1lb

  • $2.45

Caramel 20 Malt by Briess is an excellent light caramel malt that delivers a distinct candy-like sweetness to the beer. It is very light in colour, and adding it to the mash will result in a slight golden hue with a distinct candy-like caramel flavour.

Description: Caramel 20L enhances the body of the beer and improves foam stability.

When used in smaller amounts, it imparts a very mild flavour and minor colour correction, which will benefit lighter beers such as Pale Ales, Heffeweizens, and Pilsners.

At higher rates of up to 15% of the grain bill the caramel flavour becomes more evident, which can add to the complexity of such beer styles as Bock, Scotch Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Lager, Porter, and many others.
  • Usage Rate: 3 - 15%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 20

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