Light Munich Malt - Swaen - 1lb

Light Munich Malt - Swaen - 1lb

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Swaen Munich Light malt is an excellent base malt from the Netherlands with a broad range of applications. Traditionally used for brewing Munich style lager beers, Munich malt is generally characterized by higher protein content than other base malts, deeper colour, and particular flavour.

Description: When making up a considerable part of the grain bill, Munich Light delivers a distinct bready, malty character, which is excellent for dark beer styles.

Can make up 100% of the grist and is commonly used for brewing darker beer styles such as Munch lager, Bock, Swarzbier, Altbier, Stout and Porter.
  • Usage Rate: up to 100%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 5 - 6

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