Caramel Rye Malt - Thomas Fawcett and Sons

Caramel Rye Malt - Thomas Fawcett & Sons - 1lb

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Caramel Rye Malt by Thomas Fawcett & Sons is a very interesting specialty malt that will prove to be a great addition to various beer styles. It is made from British rye that has been roasted to a very high degree, which results in an intense copper colour and a very distinct toasted caramel flavour with hints of dry licorice.
Description: As with any caramel malt, Caramel Rye is used for improving the body and foam stability of the beer, while also imparting colour and flavour.

Commonly used as an adjunct at a rate of not more than 10%, Caramel Rye Malt can be an excellent ingredient for adding complexity to darker beers such as Stouts, Brown Ales, and Porters.
  • Usage Rate: up to 10%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 45 - 95

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