Lactose (Approx. 1lb)

Lactose (Approx. 1lb)

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If you want to impart a distinct sweetness to your Stout, Brown Ale or experimental IPA without relying on Crystal malts with their pronounced caramel flavours, Lactose is just the thing you need in your brewing inventory.

Also known as milk sugar, lactose is one of the few types of sugar that isn't processed by brewers yeast during fermentation. As a result, the distinct sweetness of sugar persists throughout the fermentation into the final product, giving the beer a nice, sweet flavour, fuller body and a pleasant silky mouthfeel.

Usage: Lactose is an excellent ingredient for brewing experiments as it allows you to add body and sweetness to the beer without mashing a higher temperatures or using malts with a pronounced caramel character. A traditional ingredient in Milk and Sweet Stouts, which can also find its way into a variety of beer styles.
Take note Lactose is obtained by processing milk, which means that it can cause adverse reactions in persons with lactose intolerance or those who have problems digesting dairy products.

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