KAB6 High Pressure Banjo Cooker/Burner

KAB6 High Pressure Banjo Cooker/Burner

  • $213.99

The KAB6 High-Pressure Banjo Cooker/Burner by Bayou Classic packs a whopping 210,000 BTU minimum output, which makes most standard outdoor cookers pale in comparison.


The cast iron burner features multiple nozzles for even heat distribution throughout the 22" wide cooking area, while the wide steel windscreen protects the flame and minimizes heat loss.

Its sturdy design and four-leg base support allow using pots up to 164 quarts (155 litres) in volume, which is ideal for large-scale homebrewing. The burner comes with a 48" long stainless steel braided hose and a 30-PSI gas regulator designed for LPG tanks.

Important notice: the KAB6 burner is designed for outdoor use only. Not for use in enclosed spaces!

Features: The KAB6 High Pressure Banjo Cooker/Burner by Bayou Classic is the monster burner you've been dreaming about!

Featuring the classic Banjo cooker design that withstood the test of time, the KAB6 packs the punch needed for large batch homebrewing and outdoor cooking.

Its sturdy cast iron burner is specifically crafted for providing optimal heat distribution throughout the cooking area, while also delivering high pressure flame necessary for serious brewing tasks.

Just make sure you have a large enough pot for this beast as its power output can be overwhelming for standard 5 gallon batches.

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