Double Tap Jockey Box

  • $414.99

This double-tap jockey box allows you to enjoy cold homebrew on the go. Fill your jockey box with ice water and attach your carbonated beverage lines, and you are ready to pour.

The two 60' stainless steel coils are doubled up, creating a larger surface area for cooling your beverages.

Keeping your kegs in a shaded area or wrapped in an ice blanket when outdoors is a good idea.

  • Composed of high-quality stainless steel and brass
  • Inside is 2 dual - 5/16" diameter 60' food grade 304 stainless steel coils
  • 37 quart Coleman cooler
  • 2 X 5/16" Cooler Wall Shank Assembly Bore
  • 2 X Chrome Plated Beer Shank
  • 2 X Chrome Faucet
  • 2 X Black Plastic Tap Handle

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