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German Magnum Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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With Magnum, the name says it all, and it takes only a single brew to understand why this variety has become so popular with brewers all over the globe. Delivering a hefty dose of alpha acids, this bittering variety wields a nice neutral flavour that you can incorporate into virtually any beer style.

Magnum used in late kettle additions gives a mild citrus flavour and aroma coming forth as a result. But it's the early bittering additions where this variety shines, and you definitely have to use it more than one brewing session to appreciate the full potential of Magnum.

Description: Magnum is definitely one of the most broadly used hop varieties in the world today and it takes just a single brewing session to understand why. This high alpha acid variety is famous for its clean, neutral flavour profile that makes the hop suitable for use in anything from Hefeweizen and Pale Ale to Barleywine and Imperial Stout.

When added late in the boil or during dry hopping, Magnum tends to impart subtle citrus and flowery notes, yet it’s mainly used for bittering due to its impressive potential and versatility.
  • Alpha Acid: 11 -16%
  • Beta Acid: 5 - 7%
  • Co-humulone: 21 - 29%

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