Lemondrop Hop Pellets - 1 lb

Lemondrop Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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This variety of hop pellets is grown in the USA. True to its name, the Lemondrop hop bears a distinctive lemon flavour with a citrus aroma. It will also leave you with a beer that has fruity and herbal notes. This hop is best suited to making IPA's and Saisons.

Description: Formerly known as Experimental Hop #01210, this variety was bred by Hopsteiner using Cascade as one of the parents. As a result, Lemondrop exhibits a pronounced aroma of lemon, green tea and flowers, which can be used for both single-hop experiments and in conjunction with other citrus-driven hop varieties.

Due to the relatively low level of alpha acid content, this variety is primarily considered as an aroma hop, destined for late boil additions and dry hopping.

Lemondrop is best suited for Pale Ale, IPA and American Wheat, although you can certainly use it in other beer styles where the distinct lemon flavour and aroma are needed.
  • 1 pound package
  • Alpha acids; 5.2%
  • Beta acids; 4.0% to 6%
  • Cohumulone; 28% to 34%

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