US Fuggle Hop Pellets - 1 lb

US Fuggle Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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Aroma: Herbal, Cedar, Fruity.

Fuggle was once the most popular English hop, accounting for 78% of production in 1949.

Description: US Fuggle is in many ways similar to the original UK version, which was one of the most commonly used varieties for brewing British beer styles. With a mild and balanced mix of wood, flowers and spices, the US Fuggle is usually thought to have a milder character when compared to the UK hop.

Primarily an aroma variety due to its low alpha acid content, US Fuggle is an excellent choice for brewing British and American ales that require a mild and balanced character, yet can be combined with other hops and used in a much broader range of styles.
  • Alpha acids: 3 - 6%,
  • Beta: 2 - 3.5%
  • Co-H: 25 - 32%

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