Stainless Steel "Mini-Keg" Growler - 8 L

Stainless Steel "Mini-Keg" Growler - 8 L

  • $114.99

Take your homebrew on the go with this 8 Litre Stainless Steel "Mini-Keg" Growler. You can keep the exterior condensation free and the contents cold using this Neoprene Jacket.

The Stainless Steel has been treated with an electrolysis acid bath to make it more rust-resistant, and it has been welded from the inside out, making for a more sanitary vessel.

Your beer will be shielded from harmful UV light, and it will remain sealed inside due to the gasketed screw top lid.

If you want to dispense from this growler, take a look at our Stainless Steel 'Mini Keg' Ball Lock Lid.

  • 15 3/4" Height
  • 6 3/4" Diameter
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Gasketed Screw Top Lid
  • 8 Litre (2.11 Gallon) Capacity
  • 3 Bar (45 PSI) Working Pressure
  • Treated with an Electrolysis Acid Bath

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