Peanut Butter Flavouring Extract - 4oz

All Natural Peanut Butter Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.99

Don’t you just love the taste of peanut butter in a Sweet Stout or Robust Porter?

These styles of beer come to mind first when mentioning peanut butter flavour, but there are certainly other types of beer that will benefit from such an interesting flavour twist.

The only problem would be getting that flavour in the final beer, since using actual peanut butter or peanuts will lead to certain complications while brewing and fermenting the beer, including poor head retention and a broad range of undesired flavours.

To get the distinct peanut butter taste right in a beer it’s always best to use an all natural flavouring.

Usage: Brewer’s Best Peanut Butter Flavouring gives you the opportunity to experiment with just any beer style or any homemade drink in general, by adding a pronounced flavour of the product we all know and love.

Using this extract is quite easy, since all you have to do is add it to the fermented beer right before bottling or kegging according to taste, and the final beer will have a sensible peanut butter character that fits so well with darker, malt-forward, full-bodied beer styles.

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