All Natural Apricot Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

All Natural Apricot Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $7.59

Add a refreshing touch to your next summer ale with a pronounced apricot flavour by using Brewer’s Best All Natural Apricot Flavouring.

Sure, using actual apricot fruits would allow you to get a ripe, pleasant flavour, but what if it’s too early for actual apricots and you already need to have that beer in the keg? Or you don’t want to risk spoiling a good beer with pulp and other matter that inevitably enters the beer when you’re using actual apricots?

That’s exactly why having a flavour extract in your brewing inventory is an excellent idea.

Usage: Add 1 oz per gallon and sample, adding more until you reach the taste you want.

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