Fining Gelatin

Fining Gelatin - Approx. 2 oz

  • $3.49

Stop worrying about hazy brews and stock your brewing inventory with some Fining Gelatin. Gelatin is a rather popular option for eliminating haze and improving the clarity in beers and wines due to its unparalleled effectiveness. It promotes precipitation of proteins and polyphenols responsible for most types of haze in a beer, and works with virtually any type of beer.

Just use it after fermentation and prior to bottling or kegging for the best results, and you will certainly notice a difference in your brew’s appearance.
Description: Fining Gelatin is usually added at rates of a teaspoon per 5 gallon batch. Mix the substance in a cup of water, heat it to 150F, hold on for several minutes, and then carefully stir into beer, wine, mead, or cider, after primary and secondary fermentation. Leave the beverage for a couple of days for the best results.

In about 2-3 days the product will be ready for bottling or kegging, and it will look as if you’ve run it through a filter. Fining Gelatin does not affect the flavour, aroma, or colour of the drink.

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