Cinnamon Stick - One Stick

Cinnamon Stick - One Stick

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Cinnamon Sticks are known for their distinct, pronounced and unique flavour that can take a beer to a completely different place.

Most commonly found in pumpkin ales, seasonal and holiday beers, Cinnamon Sticks add a distinct warming and semi-sweet character that fits so well with beers brewed for the colder season.

However, you can certainly use cinnamon in just about any beer style to enjoy an interesting twist to a common taste.

Usage: With a single Cinnamon Stick you'll be able to add a distinct and pronounced character of cinnamon to a single 5 gallon homebrew batch. For best results and more complex flavours consider using Cinnamon Sticks with other spices, especially for seasonal and holiday beers.

The spice is added during the boil, at the later stages, for optimal aroma extraction. But you can certainly use it at different stages of making the beer with various results. One of the most popular alternatives to boiling additions is adding it during maturation and holding it for several days.

The only way to learn what works best in a beer is actually brewing it, so get your Cinnamon Sticks now and start experimenting.

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