Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup

Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup 1lb Pouch

  • $7.89

Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup is one of the most versatile candi sugars available on the market, allowing you to brew a very broad range of beer styles. Thanks to its almost transparent colour, neutral flavour profile and high fermentability it can be effectively used in Dubbels, Tripels, Strong Ales, Double IPAs, and many other beer styles with excellent results.

Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup will boost the ABV of the beer without adding to the body, and enhance the dryness in the aftertaste, which is a welcome trait when brewing traditional Belgian Strong Ales.

Usage: Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup is a light candi sugar that is composed of simple sugar chains that are easily fermentable by all strains of brewers yeast. It lends a very neutral flavour with hints of honey and light caramel, without being too assertive, which can be used in both Dark and Light Ales.

Recommended amount of use is up to 15% of total grain bill for most beers, though may be pushed higher for a drier finish and more alcohol content.

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