Munich Liquid Malt Extract Bucket (LME) - 30lb

  • $129.99

When you need a lot of quality liquid extract to be a large quantity of beer, this Briess Munich Liquid Malt Extract Bucket will surely come in handy.

Containing 30 pounds (13 kg) of quality liquid extract, this bucket will yield up to 30 gallons of light-bodied beer with a nice malty flavour most Munich and Bock beers are famous for.

Use more extract to get higher gravity, and you will be able to brew excellent Doppelbocks, Dark Ales, or even Stouts and Porters with the addition of specialty malts.

Country of Origin: United States
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 8 (EBC° 19.9)

Packaging may vary.

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