Fermentis S-04 Dry Ale 500 G Yeast Brick

Fermentis S-04 Dry Ale Yeast Brick - 500g

  • $99.99

Fermentis S-04 Dry Ale Yeast Brick is a large 500g portion of the ever popular Fermentis S-04 Dry Ale, making it perfect for larger batches.

This particular yeast features a fast fermentation rate, attenuating the wort to 1.008 to 1.012 in the span of two to three days.

This yeast forms sediments towards the end of fermentation, which is a key component for the creation of higher clarity beer.

Description: Yeast bricks are longer lasting than standard packets of dry ale yeast and can last up to 24 months past it's manufactured date.

To maximise your dry yeasts longevity please place the brick into a sealed container and store in a cool dry place that can stay at the temperature of 4C (39F).

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