Light Belgian Candi Sugar

Light Belgian Candi Sugar - 1lb

  • $6.89

To get the high ABV and distinct dryness of traditional Belgian Tripels and Golden Strong Ales, you will certainly need some Light Belgian Candi Sugar in your recipe.

Containing a high amount of easily fermentable sugars and processed to a very light degree, this brewing sugar will push the alcohol content of any beer regardless of the yeast strain used, without adding colour or affecting the flavour profile too much.

This is how most Belgian Strong Ales get their distinct flavour profile, and now you can get the same results with your homebrewed beers.

Usage: Using Light Belgian Candi Sugar in brewing is quite easy: just add it to boiling wort or after primary fermentation.

Recommended rate of use is up to 15% of the grain bill for most beer styles, though may be employed in larger amounts in distinctly dry beers such as Belgian Tripels.

Candi sugar in its solid form has excellent storage capability, so you may stock up with several packages at once for future brewing experiments.

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