36" Dual Stainless Braided Hoses

Bayou Classic Dual 36" Stainless Braided Hoses

  • $89.99

Two 3' heavy-duty Stainless Steel braided hoses for your gas cooker/burner. Comes with a low-pressure 10 PSI pre-set regulator with individual Brass control valves and 1/8" male orifices on the hoses.

Description: The heavy duty stainless braided hose will come in handy should you have a problem with rodents or nocturnal animals in your area. Why you may ask?

Have you ever left your BBQ outdoors and then gone to turn it on and found you were out of propane? Take a look at your hose, there is a good chance that some little critter liked the taste of the grease or whatever else may have dripped on it and started nibbling. This hose may help to prevent that happening in the future.
Compatibile: Bayou Dual Burners: DB250 & DB375
Features: Comes with:
  • 10 PSI Preset Regulator
  • Dual Brass Control Valves
  • Dual 1/8" Male Orifice Connectors

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