Bayou Classic 10psi Braided Regulator Hose - 48"

10psi Braided Regulator Hose - 48"

  • $68.49

High pressure 10 PSI regulator with brass control valve. It also comes with 48-inch stainless steel braided hose and a 3/8" flare swivel fitting.

This model number is M5HPR-1 and is for outdoor cookers only.

Only model M5LPH is intended for use with gas grills

  • Bayou Jet Cookers: SP1, SP2, SP40, SS1, SS2
  • Bayou Fryers: 700-701, 700-725, 700-709
  • Bayou Cookers: SP10, SQ14, SQ84, 2212, SS10, SS30, SS84, 1114
  • Also Compatible: BG10, BG12
Description: This model includes a brass orifice as well.

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