Tartaric Acid - 2oz

Tartaric Acid - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $3.79

Adjusting the delicate balance of acids contained in wine wort can make all the difference between a passable and a truly great wine you will be able to share with friends or drink on your own. And having such tools as Tartaric Acid in your arsenal is simply a must if you want to get the best results with your homemade wine, which you will be truly proud of.

Tartaric Acid is used for lowering the pH of wine wort of finished wine, making it more acidic, which can be a desired trait depending on wine variety, acid balance, and a variety of other factors.

Description: Tartaric Acid should be used according to the actual pH levels of the wort. That is why it is strongly recommended to have a properly calibrated pH meter or at least pH test strips to have accurate pH readings and calculating the amounts of Tartaric Acid used for making the adjustments.

For calculations, 3.4 grams of Tartaric Acid per gallon of must results in a 0.1% increase in overall acidity. An excellent additive that can make all the difference when used correctly.

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