Epsom Salts - (3.5oz)

Epsom Salts - 3.5 oz (99 g)

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Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) is a very popular brewing additive that is used for adjusting the brewing water profile and thus ensuring better starch conversion, hop flavour extraction and yeast vitality. It is especially useful in regions where water is low on mineral ion content, making it a must ingredient for treating water before mashing and sparging the grains.

Epsom Salts increase the Mg ion levels in water, which is also very important when brewing with a lot of brewing adjuncts, since malt typically provides enough magnesium to the wort.
Description: Epsom Salts affect the pH of the wort to a small degree, which can be very beneficial when your water needs only just a small acidic adjustment without employing actual acids. This additive enhances enzymatic activity during the mash, which improves starch conversion and respectively mash efficiency, also imbuing the wort with a variety of compounds that ultimately serve as nutrients for the yeast.

Flavour-wise, sparing additions of Epsom Salts are known to accentuate the hop bite in hop-forward Pale Ales and IPAs, while also providing more complexity to dark beer styles.

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