Burton Water Salts - 1/3 oz (9.4 g)

Burton Water Salts - 1/3 oz (9.4 g)

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Burton-on-Trent is considered by many as the cradle for the popular India Pale Ale, as it was this town with its hard water and peculiar water profile that allowed the hop character of the style to really shine.

To achieve the same pronounced hop bite, many British brewers reverted to mimicking the water profile of this town, a process that has even been dubbed as “burtonisation”. It involved the addition of special salts and minerals that increased the water's hardness, which ultimately led to a better beer clarity and a brighter hop flavour and aroma.

These days, you can get the same results by simply using Burton Water Salts.

Add the whole package to 5 gallons of wort right before the boil.

Description: Burton Water Salts are comprised of a special mineral mix that mimics the water profile of Burton-on-Trent. This water profile is particularly famous due to two major factors.

First of all, the hardness promotes precipitation of polyphenols and proteins in the wort, an effect that is further amplified by the use of Irish Moss, which results in very clean and transparent beers that don’t require additional filtration.

Second, the minerals contained in the water tend to emphasize hop aroma and flavour, which is particularly beneficial when brewing Pale Ales, IPAs and other hop-forward beers.

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