Sanke 'A' Coupler #CH5400A-SS

Taprite Sanke 'A' Coupler #CH5400A-SS

  • $134.99

The Sanke 'A' Keg is a type of Sanke keg available in the market today.

Each Sanke keg variant is identified by a letter, such as A, G, S, U, and D, which indicates the developer of that specific keg.

The Sanke keg originated in the UK during the 1950s for the purpose of kegging and transporting beer to faraway locations, primarily serving the troops. Due to its tight seal, it has been widely adopted by the dairy industry to preserve the freshness of its products from packaging to dispensing.

Sanke Kegs have become the industry standard for beer stores and craft brewers.

We offer the tailpiece assembly for those who wish to dispense beer from the commercial kegs they rent.

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