Sanke 'A' Coupler #CH5400A-SS

Taprite Sanke 'A' Coupler #CH5400A-SS

  • $108.99

The Sanke 'A' Keg is one of the brands of Sanke keg on the market today.

Each Sanke type keg is distinguished by its letter, such as A, G, S, U, and D. The letter indicates who developed that particular keg.

The Sanke originates in the UK in the 1950's for the purpose of kegging and transporting beer to the troops in distant places. It has been used extensively by the dairy industry as well since it seals tightly enough to restrict air and therefore preserves it from packaging, to dispensing.

Sanke Kegs have become the commercial standard for beer stores and craft brewers.

We sell the tail piece assembly so you can use them to dispense beer from the commercial kegs you rent.

  • Built in high capacity pressure relief valve
  • Designed for maximum flow
  • Hold the lever in the up position, it is off
  • Hold the lever in the down position, it is on
Compare: Sanke Coupler Chart

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