Tower sold without taps

Taprite Stainless Steel Double Faucet Beer Tower #D4743DTKSS

  • $167.99

Want to serve your brews in a classy way while also having the flexibility of having two different kegs tapped at once?

The Stainless Steel Double Faucet Beer Tower by Taprite is just the thing you need that will rapidly turn into the centerpiece of your bar surface.

Crafted from high quality polished stainless steel this beer tower is simple, elegant, reliable, easy to assemble and wash.

It will go through hundreds of kegs and look as good as new for years with just simple maintenance and timely cleaning. And what’s really good about it is that you’ll be able to serve two different beers at the same time!
Description: The Stainless Steel Double Faucet Beer Tower is manufactured by Taprite, one of the leading producers of soft drink and beer dispensing equipment in the USA. The package includes the beer tower itself, as well as the tubing and all the parts necessary to install the equipment. The tubing is already connected to the faucet openings and also has wing nuts connected to the other end for faster keg connection
  • 12 1/4" Tall
  • 3" Diameter

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