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12 " Bazooka Screen with 1/2" Coupler

  • $11.99

The bazooka screen is commonly used to filter the trub made from the brewing of hops but it can also be used in the mash tun for a process that releases the sugars from the grains for better fermentation.

The hops can clog the drain and pipes as the wort is transfered from the kettle as well as make it hazy if these sedimants are not removed before fermentation. When a bazooka screen is used this is less likely to happen.

Hops pellets can also clog the bazooka screen, so using whole leaf hops can resolve that problem.
  • 12 inches in length
  • All stainless steel including the mesh
  • Mesh is specifically made from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Can also be used as a mash tun for mashing the grains to release the sugar
  • Integrated 1/2" Female NPT Coupler

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