10 Plate Wort Chiller - 3/4" Female NPT

  • $91.99

The plate wort chiller is intended to rapidly cool the wort to pitching temperature. The faster the wort is chilled the better the chances of a great tasting brew. This is an affordably priced 10 Plate Wort Chiller with 3/4" Female NPT (7 1/2") is a high performance chiller, saving you water and time. 

Model # HX-B3-12A-10ST

Description: The integrated 3/4" Female NPT fittings are welded directly into the unit making hook up simple. The 3/4" Female NPT ports connect easily to standard 3/4" Male NPT fittings. The maximum operating pressure of this model is 165 psi and the testing pressure is 330 psi. The plate material is made from 304 stainless steel and the brazing material is made from 99.9% copper. This chiller has a maximum heat temperature of 430°F or 225°C.

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