CO2 & Nitro Tanks

CO2 and Nitrogen Tanks, Replacement Parts and Accessories

Carbonating your kegged homebrew is done with CO2 and Nitrogen, and we have tanks that are made for both of these gases.

CO2 is used to carbonate the majority of beers, whether commercial or home brewed. When a beer is poured using CO2 you will notice that the bubbles that are produced rise to the top of the glass. Most people like to see the carbonation bubbles racing to the top of a golden glass of beer.

On the other hand, with Nitro dispensed beers you will see the bubbles making their way to the bottom of the glass. What is more difficult to see, is that in fact once they reach the bottom they work their way back up to the top of the beer creating a creamy head. Nitrogen gas is most often used in dark beers such as Stouts, Porters and dark brews when you want to achieve that great creamy head and mouthfeel. In addition to a Nitro tank for your gas, to properly pour and enjoy a nitrogen infused beer you also need a stout spout (these special spouts have a restrictor plate or aerator disc that the beer flows through).

We also stock replacement parts and accessories for you Nitrogen and CO2 tanks. Do you need CO2 cartridges? We stock those too!

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