Whole Grains (1lb)

Whole Brewing Grains (1lb)

Without a doubt, malt is the most crucial ingredient in beer, as it is virtually impossible to brew a beer without it. Any all-grain homebrewer will tell you, having a broad selection of whole brewing grains to work with (no matter what style of beer) is truly the backbone for excellent tasting beer. You can use base malts for getting the bulk of sugars in the wort, caramel and roasted brewing grains for colour and flavour or specialized malts for additional wort treatment.

Canuck Homebrew Supply sources whole brewing grains from different European and North American producers, including brewing grains from Canada, so that you can always forge the perfect recipe for your next brewing experiment. We package our whole brewing grains in 1 pound (450 gram) bags, ensuring the malts' freshness right until the moment you mill them.

From base Pilsner, Pale Ale and Wheat brewing grains to specialty whole brewing grains such as Biscuit, Toasted Wheat, Smoked or Carapils malts, you will always find the right whole brewing grains within this section of our store.

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