Pellet Hops (1oz)

Pellet Hops (1oz)

The flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus are where hop pellets originate. It is a type of aggressive climbing herbaceous plant that grows year-round. Brewers use hops as a flavouring and stabilizing agent of beer. They are responsible for the citric, bitter and zesty flavour of the beer. Hops do not grow everywhere and they prefer countries with temperate climates particularly those located near the 48th parallel north.

The traditional hops growing regions in the U.S.A. are states like Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Oregon was the first to breed Willamette, Mt. Hood, Newport, and Horizon hops. Washington state produces Yakima and Amarillo, Idaho, on the other hand, introduced hops varieties like Parma, Notus, and Wilder. The United States produces tons of hops annually, with Washington state leading the way in 2019.

Aside from the United States, there are also other important production centers all over the world, with Germany producing more than 35,000 tons of hops year.

Hops are, without a doubt, a prized agricultural commodity and many countries grow them to make traditional beverages.

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Note: All YCH Hops are nitrogen-flushed.

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