Pellet Hops (1lb)

Pellet Hops (1lb)

As mentioned on our 1 ounce pellet hops page, hops are flowers from the climbing plant called Humulus lupulus. They provide unique flavouring by imparting bitterness, citrus, earthy and zestfulness to the beer. They also have antibacterial properties that protect the beer from the growth of undesirable microorganisms. Hops are grown in hopfields.

There are different varieties of hops that are grown all over the world but they prefer to grow in the temperate regions, particularly those that are located near the 48th parallel north. Moreover, they also prefer to grow in soils that are abundant with boron. This is the reason why the production centers of hops are only concentrated in a few countries.

In the United Kingdom, the most important production center for hops is the Kent region which is known for producing Kent Goldings Hops, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire. It is also known for breeding other hops like the Fuggle and Brewer’s Gold that are both aromatic and bittering hops respectively. Hopfields in South England are called hop gardens while in the West Country (and the U.S.A.) they are called hop yards.

Hops are also abundantly grown in other European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, and Albania. Most of these European countries produce noble hops that include four traditional aromatic varieties that are used in creating traditional beer styles. These hops varieties include Saaz, Spalter, Tettnanger, and Hallertau. They provide mild flavour to beer and are often used in creating French and Belgian ales, lagers, bocks, pilsner and wheat beers. Although these hops variety generally produce a beer that does not come with a long shelf life, they are preferred by people who enjoy drinking traditional European craft beer.

Hops are very important ingredients in making beer and knowing where they came from is crucial in predicting the flavour of the finished product.

Note: All YCH Hops are nitrogen-flushed.

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