Oak Flavour Enhancers

Oak barrels have been traditionally used in beer production for centuries, and many beer styles such as English Porter or Barley Wine are defined by the peculiar mix of flavours imparted by the wooden vessels. These days barrel-aging has become rather popular with craft brewers after almost a century of virtual absence from the brewing industry. However, sourcing an actual oak barrel can be costly for the average homebrewer, not to mention the large volume that isn’t suited for the homebrewing format.

But fret not, since there is a great solution for imbuing your beer with the distinct oak barrel character regardless of batch size! In this section of our store you’ll find a variety of oak products designed for beer and wine making.

Sourced from actual oak barrels of different types, these oak cubes, chips, and sticks offer a very effective and practical way of adding oak barrel flavour to your beer. Just add them to the secondary fermenter for some maturation time, and as a result you will have a complex and interesting brew much faster than in case of actually aging it in a barrel.