Liquid & Dry Malt Extract

Liquid & Dry Malt Extract

LME or Liquid Malt Extract is the dehydrated liquid (wort) that looks similar to a molasses like syrup. The wort is produced from a typical grain mash, and the LME contains approximately 20% water.

Dry Malt Extract or DME is put through a second dehydration process that reduces the water to about 2%. If you are looking for a malt extract with a longer shelf life and easier measuring then you should lean towards the dry malt extract. When using DME it must be sealed in an airtight environment or it will start to absorb moisture and turn into a big lump.

Both types of malt extracts have their benefits, so be sure you are selecting the one that makes sense for your brew setup.

Do you want a broader selection of liquid and dry malt supplies in Canada? At Canuck Homebrew Supply we offer different sized packaging and varieties of LME & DME, delivered right to your door. When planning your next brew day take a look at our selection of liquid and dry malt extracts. Whether for an extract recipe or to enhance your all grain batch there is sure to be one that will suit the style of beer you want to make.

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