Crushed Grains (1lb)

Milled Brewing Grains (1 lb)

Understanding the process of converting starches in milled brewing grains into alcohol is crucial, especially for those new to brewing. When faced with the decision of choosing the type of grain for their desired beer, many homebrewers grapple with the choice between purchasing whole grains or crushed brewing grains.

The soluble husks play a critical role during the lautering process, as they create a filter within the grain material. This filter allows water to flow through the bed, facilitating the extraction of starch or sugar. While using finely crushed grains with a false bottom is still possible, the fluid flow may be significantly slower, potentially impacting the efficiency of the extraction process.

Purchasing milled brewing grains is very beneficial when making beer, as professionally crushed grains are coarse enough to allow for adequate fluid flow. Our grains are milled and packaged with freshness in mind!