Wort Chillers

Wort Chillers

Wort chillers are an important piece of brewing equipment. After you have boiled your wort it is essential to bring it down to yeast pitching temperature in as little time as possible. The reason for this is to minimize the amount of time your wort is exposed to possible contaminants and reduce the possibility of having off flavours in your homebrew due to dimethyl sulfide. Another reason for cooling as quickly as you can is so that you can have a clear beer and avoid what is called chill haze, which is caused by the proteins being allowed to re-dissolve due to the fact they were not 'shocked' out of the wort.

So how does a immersion wort chiller work? Cold water goes into one end of the chiller coil and as it circulates through the coil it cools the wort. The warm water exits through the other end of the coil and may be used later for cleaning. Both stainless steel and copper immersion wort chillers work well for quickly reducing the temperature of your wort, and deciding which one works best is a personal preference. Stainless steel chillers will last you a very long time, look good and are easier to clean. Copper chillers may work slightly faster, the finish tends to oxidize, they are more pliable (so if not handled properly they could kink) and the cost may fluctuate depending on the market.

Interested in how a plate chiller works? The cold water flows through the plates in one direction while you wort travels in the opposite direction and then into your fermenter.

For those that want to make their own wort chillers, HERMS or jockey boxes we do offer both stainless steel and copper coils in various lengths and diameters. We do like to remind brewers that making your own wort chillers, HERMS or jockey box coils is for the mechanically inclined, and all non fabricated coils are a final sale.

*NEW* Mash King Counterflow Wort Chillers! Hand-made in Canada! If you want more information on wort chillers - read my blog titled Wort Chiller Coils

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