Brew Pot Thermowells

Fitting your brewing system with a dedicated thermowell will instantly make brewing a lot more precise and interesting for you, since it will allow you to control the exact temperature of your mash, wort, or brewing water, depending on which vessel you’ll decide to fit the thermowell on. It will also minimize the risk of contamination after boiling, since a dedicated thermowell allows using any type of probe thermometer without direct contact with the liquid. Just put the probe in and get real-time readings on temperature without even having to lift the lid off the pot. Not only does it look and feel professional, but it definitely saves you from a lot of stress when it comes to measuring the temperature of all the liquids in your brewhouse.

At Canuck Homebrew Supply there’s always a broad selection of high quality thermowells that can be used in brewing systems of all types and sizes. Made from high quality materials that withstand a broad range of temperatures common in brewing, and also easy to clean and sanitize, each of the thermowells we feature on our site is guaranteed to become a reliable piece of your brewing setup and help you get accurate measurements each time you make a beer. Browse through the selection in this category and you will surely find the right thermowell for your brewhouse.

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