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Testing & Measuring

Brewing is an art that requires precision, and every brewer knows how having precise measuring tools and accessories can make all the difference between an OK and a really great beer. From measuring grains and hops for the recipe, to checking original and final gravity of the beer, a brewer’s inventory must carry a whole set of different measuring accessories if they want to be on point with their brewing activities. Fortunately for you, at Canuck Homebrew Supply we've got you covered.

In this category you will find all the measuring tools and accessories that will be needed at different stages of the brewing process. From pH meters and test strips used for measuring water and mash pH, to refractometers and hydrometers that allow you to get gravity readings of the wort, we have everything you need to keep track of your progress from mash-in to bottling and everything in-between. Here you can also find fermentation thermometers, sight glasses, sample thieves, test jars, flasks, and many other tools and accessories that are a must-have in every brewer’s toolkit.

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