Electric Brewing Equipment

Electric Brewing Equipment

The first step when making beer is to boil your wort. Doing so incorporates the main ingredients (malt & hops), and depending when they are added during the boil effects the flavours and aroma of your beer. Another reason wort is boiled is for pasteurization, creating caramelization, and isomerizes the hop acids. If you do not follow your recipe for the tempurature of your wort and the timing of adding your ingredients you will end up with a weak or undrinkable brew.

There are different ways to boil your wort, some homebrewers opt for propane burners while others opt for electric brewing equipment.

Adding electric brewing elements and equipment means you will have to modify your kettle in order to add a heating element (however some kettles do come with a heating element hole already pre-drilled). You will need mechanical and electrical skills* if you plan on customizing your brew kettle.

The benefit of using electric brewing equipment is that you can save a lot of money in the long run compared to using propane. It is also easy and safe to use and is perfect for a small home brewing setup. You also have better control of the heat that you apply to your wort and you will not scorch the bottom of your brew pot. While some heating elements do not come with temperature monitoring, you can always install one especially if you are really concerned about the temperature of your wort.

The use of an eletric brew belt is recommended for those that are fermenting ales and want to keep their plastic carboys or buckets at a temperature between 23-27 degrees celsius.

*Warning: Electrical equipment can result in serious injury or death if not installed and used correctly.

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