Shandy Recipe Kits

Shandy Recipe Kits

When you want to enjoy something even more refreshing than a summer pale ale or IPA, you will definitely enjoy a glass of Shandy on a hot summer day. And with Canuck Homebrew Supply you will be able to make some Shandy of your own, since we carry a variety of Shandy recipe kits ready for instant refreshment.

Classic Shandy is light beer mixed with a carbonated soft drink, such as soda or lemonade. However in different parts of the world there are numerous variations of the concept, with the mix including everything from cola to lemon juice. Respectively, the flavour profile of such a beer-based drink tends to differ from region to region. And in this section of our site you will find various types of Shandy recipe kits that will help you get different flavours with your favourite summer drink.

Making Shandy with a recipe kit is very simple as the package contains everything you need to get a pleasant beer texture with a refreshing flavouring. Just pour the contents of the package into the fermenter, pitch the yeast and wait. The resulting drink will be the perfect refreshment for your summer brewing sessions.

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