Wort Aeration System

Wort Aeration System

  • $39.49

The aeration system is beneficial for supplying yeast cells with the oxygen needed to reproduce and ferment your brew.

This system includes; aerator pump, sanitary air filter, 2-micron diffusion stone and two 12 inch pieces of tubing that attach directly to both ends of the sanitary filter.

Aerate the wort after it has been chilled, before the yeast has been pitched, and before fermentation has begun. Aerating wort while it is hot can cause off-flavours in the finished beer. In the same way, do not aerate while the beer is fermenting as it can cause the same problem.

This unit comes completely assembled. When the wort reaches a temperature of 26°C or lower, the diffusion stone can be lowered into the fermentation tank to reach the bottom. Plug the pump in and begin aerating. Allow 30 minutes to complete the aeration before pitching the yeast.

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