Southern German Lager Yeast - WLP838

Southern German Lager Yeast - WLP 838

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A fairly strong fermenter that tends to put more emphasis on the malt aspect of the beer, WLP838 Southern German Lager Yeast is the authentic strain used by brewers from the Munich region for producing world-famous malty Bavarian lagers.

It tends to produce some sulfur and diacetyl that wear off during maturation, so it’s recommended to perform some lagering for the beers produced with this strain. And when used right, WLP838 tends to deliver a really pleasant flavour profile with a nice aromatic character that makes all the Bavarian beers so special.

Description WLP838 tends to flocculate really well, leaving a crystal clear beer even after primary fermentation. It also tends to finish primary fermentation really fast, often rivalling in performance some ale yeast strains.

Despite its popularity for making malt-forward Munich, Vienna, Marzen, Dunkel, or Bock lagers, WLP 838 Southern German Lager Yeast can certainly be used for making more neutral or even hop-forward beers like Pilsner or American Lagers.

Just factor in the strain’s tendency to put more emphasis on the malt and mute the hop character, and you will certainly enjoy brewing all types of lager beers with this yeast.
Attributes: Attenuation: 68% - 76%
Flocculation: Medium to High
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50°F - 55°F

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