Pilsner Lager Yeast - WLP800

Pilsner Lager Yeast - WLP 800

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Ask any Czech person what’s the best beer in the world. They will tell you without even blinking “Czech Pilsner!”.

The progenitor of the modern industrial lager, Czech Pilsner is a bottom-fermenting beer style that is defined by a very mild malty character with a little dose of noble hops that delivers the ultimate balance for utmost drinkability. And to create a truly authentic Pilsner beer, you will certainly need WLP800 Pilsner Lager Yeast – a strain that has been sourced from a brewery that was among the first to brew this type of beer back in the 19th century.

Description In technical terms, WLP800 is a medium attenuator with medium high flocculation, and medium alcohol tolerance. It produces really clean and crisp beers that retain some of the bready flavours of the base malts used in the grain bill.

This strain offers good lagering potential that may be required for obtaining the best results when making Pilsner, Helles, Marzen, Vienna, Bock, and American Lager beers.

A go-to yeast for those who are just venturing out into the world of lager fermentation, or experienced brewers who need to get as close to the authentic lager beer character as possible.
Attributes: Attenuation: 72% - 77%
Flocculation: Medium to High
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50°F - 55°F

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