Malolactic Bacteria - WLP675

WLP 675 - Malolactic Bacteria

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Many home winemakers often deal with the problem of their wines being just too sour for the general taste. This is due to the high levels of malic acid produced during primary fermentation. And professional winemakers know very well that high levels of malic acid are not the best thing in a red Merlot or white Chardonnay.

This is where WLP675 Malolactic Bacteria come into play, as it’s the very agent responsible for malolactic fermentation employed for obtaining well-balanced commercial wine of all types.

White Labs Note: We recommend caution using WLP675 with wine kits, which contain potassium sorbate and affect the viability of malolactic bacteria. General instructions are available on the White Labs site under FAQ questions for making the wine kits.
Description: WLP675 Malolactic Bacteria works by converting malic acid into lactic acid, which has a higher pH value, and respectively is less sour to the taste.

Wines that employ malolactic fermentation are usually characterized by a more mellow palate, round flavour, and less astringency that can get in the way of the rich grape flavour.

Malolactic bacteria are usually employed towards the end of primary fermentation, added at a mark of around 5 Brix for best results.

However, wine kit users should be careful with WLP675 as winemaking kits usually contain potassium sorbate that will significantly reduce the viability of Malolactic Bacteria and render it almost useless.

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