Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast - WLP028

Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast - WLP 028

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Scottish Ales have always been famous for their malt-forward character and high alcohol content, and WLP028 is the exact strain that has been used in traditional Scottish brews.

Thanks to the combination of general attributes, this yeast performs really well in a wide variety of styles, as it can accentuate malt flavours in malt-forward beers while also giving the spotlight to hop aromas when brewing Pale Ales and IPAs.

The versatility of WLP028 Edinburgh Ale Yeast is impressive, and you will definitely love using it in a variety of settings.

Description: When brewing an authentic Scottish Ale with a well-defined malt character, WLP028 Edinburgh Ale Yeast should definitely be your go-to strain for obtaining the best results.

This yeast is defined by a very clean flavour profile, high attenuation, and medium flocculation, delivering a very pleasant character and a clear playground for showcasing complex grain bills or hopping schedules.

WLP028 is so versatile and easy to work with that many commercial breweries use it as a substitute for WLP001 as their general house strain for brewing all types of beers.
Attributes: Attenuation: 70% - 75%
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium - High (8 - 12%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature:65°F - 70°F

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