WLN4000 - Clarity Ferm (10ml)

Clarity Ferm - WLN 4000 - 10 ml

  • $4.49

Prevent chill haze in your homebrew with the use of this While Labs Clarity Ferm. The product may also reduce the gluten in beer made with wheat or barley to under 10 ppm. The gluten amount has been tested by White Labs, however further testing and announcements on this are still forthcoming from the FDA, so brewers cannot make this claim on any bottle labels (commercial or homebrewed). So, for the time being, you may say 'Gluten reduced beer'.



  • May be used with any type of malt or other raw materials.
  • After the wort has cooled add when pitching your yeast.
  • Entire 10 ml per 5 - 7 gallons of wort.
  • Recommended Storage Temperature 20 - 26C


  • Increase the colloidal stability in beer by reducing chill haze.
  • Clarity Ferm reduces gluten in beers made from barley and wheat.

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