Whirlfloc Tablets - (10 Tablets)

Whirlfloc Tablets (10 Tablets)

  • $1.95

To get an even clearer wort than is possible with traditional Irish Moss, you will definitely need some Whirlfloc Tablets in your brewing inventory.

Dubbed by many as an advanced form of Irish Moss, Whirlfloc represents a mix of the brewer’s favourite seaweed with carrageenan, which together forms a very potent coagulant agent that promotes the sedimentation of various proteins and beta-glucans contained in the wort. As a result, you get a much clearer wort and more visually appealing and transparent beer on par with commercial examples, without ever needing to filter it.

Description: A single Whirlfloc tablet is designed for 10 gallons of wort, so for 5 gallons it’s best to use half a tablet, since an entire one won’t get much better results, and respectively will go to waste. Whirlfloc tablets should be added during the last 5 minutes of the boil since longer boil periods will denature some of the compounds contained within the mix and render the agent less effective.

Whirlfloc is food-grade, compatible with all types of beer, and does not affect the flavour, colour, aroma, or mouthfeel of the finished product, only promoting better transparency and preventing undesired chill haze.

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